Symon’S Experience With An Escort

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Sex is always an exciting adventure that everybody wants to talk about. When you have a girlfriend, you always want to talk about your sex life with your buddies. That’s the same thing that happened between two office colleagues Symon and Ryan. Ryan had a girlfriend, and Symon always had to listen to sex stories from him. Symon was upset because he did not have a girlfriend so he knew he was missing out and had no stories to tell. So he decided to book an escort from Charlotte escorts to have sex with.

Symon took his laptop while still in the office and decided to browse the available escorts. He saw many sexy ladies and finally booked one that matched his interests. They agreed to meet in the evening in a hotel. Symon arrived earlier than the agreed time and lay on the bed wondering how the encounter with an escort would be. Within no time he heard a knock at his hotel room door.

When he opened the door he was more excited to see that the lady was even sexier than she appeared on the website. He welcomed her inside and closed the door. The escort quickly realized that Symon was nervous and concluded that it was probably his first time trying an escort. She kissed him on the cheek and then to the neck. She unbuttoned his shirt and her lips rested on his nipples before moving on his belly. She took off her dress and her bare breast rested on his. He felt so good and started massaging her breast and her buttocks. Within no time, she removed his pants and was welcomed by his already erected cock. She started caressing his balls and then moved her tongue over them. Her tongue then moved from his balls through his shaft to the head. She gave him a one of a kind blowjob that was so good he was about to ejaculate.

After sucking his penis for a few minutes, she lay on top of him and directed her already wet vagina to the cock that was already craving for penetration. She started with the woman on top sex position where he took control of the game and thereafter introduced other sex positions. After minutes of penetration and fun, she lay down and Symon came on top in a missionary position and when his breathing rate increased, she learned that it was time. She released herself to cum and Symon laid on her helplessly. He then looked at her and was glad, not only for having a wonderful set time but also for cuming together. When Symon went to the office the following day, he was all smiling and as Ryan looked at him, he knew without a doubt that he had something exciting to tell.

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