Hooking up with someone or trying to find love online is more popular than ever before. The coronavirus crisis seems to have brought out the best in some people while in other people it had done the opposite. More of us than ever before are dating online hoping to find a new love or at least some companionship. It does not only happen to regular girls if you know what I mean. I know many London escorts who are desperate to find love and have started to use the internet. Some of my cheap escorts friends have even been victims of what I would call romance fraud.

Romance fraud can be both a moral crime and a legal offense at the same time. One of the girls I have worked with at our London escorts agency for a long time, was asked by a man she had met on a leading dating site, to send him. They had been chatting using Messenger and Whatsapp for a while when he asked her to help him buy his wife out of their home. He said that he needed the money to tied him over and my friend would end up as part-owner of the house. Most of the other girls at our London escorts agency gasped when she told us. You should never do anything like that.

Should you send someone sexy pictures of yourself? Trying to get someone to send sexy photos of yourself is another common romance fraud. Men often like to check out sexy Facebook profiles and contact girls who look hot. I have lost count of how many London escorts have been approached by men looking for sexy images. Fortunately, I don’t think that any London escorts that I know have fallen for this very common romance scam. Should you say no? Of course, you should say no.

Not all men who are into romance fraud, ask for large sums of money. Many men claim they have personal problems and only ask for small amounts of money. But, stop and think about it for a moment and you will soon find even the smallest amount of money will add up. If one man was to ask you for $1,000, and do the same thing to nine other women, he could soon end up with $10,000. That is a lot of money to some people. I have heard a couple of London escorts talk about having been approached for small sums of money.

Should you send someone your credit card details? That is the other thing that you should not do. One of my best friends at a rival London escorts was recently asked for her credit card details by a guy she had been chatting with online. He had all of a sudden received an unexpected bill that needed urgent payment and did not have a credit card to pay it by. Fortunately, my friend was savvy enough to realise that this was a fraud. But, it did really make me wonder how many other women, and men for that matter, have fallen for similar scams online?…

Can slimming supplements and fad diets give you the body that you want? I am not the only girl at our London escorts who have fallen for fake slimming reviews and fake diet supplements. Look around the Internet, and you will find that many sites who promote slimming supplements and diets are not genuine at all. Like my cheap escorts in London, I have spent a small fortune on slimming and diet products to no avail. I don’t care if it is green tea or a pill that you need to pop on a daily basis, there are only a few ways of getting the body that you want.

Of course, I love to look good for cheap escorts in London, and I know that my London escorts colleagues feel the same way. This is why so many of us girls end up spending a small fortune on diet supplements. We hope that they are going to help to make us skinnier and look a million dollars. But at the end of the day, I have come to the conclusion that spending your money on diet pills, supplements that claim to help you with weight loss and fad diets, are a complete waste of money.

If you truly what to get a dream London escorts body, you don’t need to spend a fortune. As a matter of fact, you don’t even need to go to the gym. I guess that it is easy to think that most London escorts spend a small fortune on gym fees but the truth is that we don’t. To get that dream body, you don’t need to go to the gym at all. There are many ways in which you can get a really good body without going to the gym. For instance, you can make the most out of all of the great fitness videos which are available on Youtube.

What about cardio? I used to do cardio in the gym, but then I realised that I spent too much time inside. It was not doing a lot for my skin. Instead of exercising indoors, I started to spend my days off from London escorts exercising outdoors. I invested in a couple of good pairs of trainers and started to speed walk. To my surprise, speed walking toned my legs much more than going to the gym and spending hours on the treadmill. Now I have ditched the gym altogether and spend all of my time working out using Youtube videos or walking. To be honest, I have never been in such good shape.

Getting fit and staying healthy has nothing to do with slimming products that you can buy online. You can drink all of the green tea in China. The truth is that you are much more likely to end up with a liver complaint than actually lose weight. I am not saying that all of the girls that I work with at London escorts follow my fitness routine but I know that many of them do. Yes, it is easy to think that popping a pill is going to help you to lose weight, but ultimately what matters is the food that you eat and how you exercise. …